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August 6, 2017

Jamis Bikes At the Shop


We have recently added Jamis bikes to our line-up here at Everyday Cycles & Motion. Jamis has been around for nearly 40 years. Economical and practical, we believe they will make a good addition to the bikes we carry at our shop.

We are stocking the Allegro, children's bikes and the Beatnik (single speed with flip flop hub).



Beatnik Read More >

April 15, 2016

Families on Bikes

Finally it is starting to feel like Spring is really here. The days are longer and the sun feels warmer. And I keep seeing parents getting their children to school on bikes. Some are with young children riding along the sidewalks, some venturing onto neighborhood streets with mom or dad "coaching" as they ride.

I think back to when I got my first cargo bike. I would get my younger son settled onto his seat on my bike and follow my older son on his bike as we headed to his school. This was 7 years ago and I rarely Read More >

February 8, 2016

Even bikes need TLC

I love my bikes. They provide transportation to get me to the grocery store, to make my errands faster and easier. They provide pure recreational fun, they help me exercise and stay fit. And so they get a lot of use. And occasionally I let them suffer from a bit of benign neglect. A bit of bike care and cleaning really helps.

There are a few basic things all of us bike owners can do to keep our bikes running smoothly.

Before each ride it is good to do Read More >

As we roll gently towards the New Year, the unseasonable weather is keeping many people on their bikes longer.  This plus the gift-giving season means Everyday Cycles and Motion is a perfect destination for that special something for yourself or a bicycle loving friend.

Any cyclist knows you can't have enough lights.  We lose them, we give them to friends and family when we notice they're not visible enough, we're always looking for something to add to our own lighting rig. In our shop we have lights for every budget.We love bike bells and think they belong on every bike.  We Read More >

December 12, 2015

Cargo bikes make great sleighs

We just had the pleasure of participating in the 13th Annual Amlings Holiday Toy Ride. What a rewarding fun time!
Over 100 riders gathered in Niles to load up trailers for the 12 mile ride to the Mystic Celt in Chicago where the USMC picks up all the toys. Two of us rode on our cargo bikes and transported about 100 toys between us. Small toys, balls, games, even a kids bike. Next year, we hope we can get some our friends and customers to join us on the ride.
Two storage bins, some tie down straps and carrying 60 toys 12 Read More >

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