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As we roll gently towards the New Year, the unseasonable weather is keeping many people on their bikes longer.  This plus the gift-giving season means Everyday Cycles and Motion is a perfect destination for that special something for yourself or a bicycle loving friend.

Any cyclist knows you can’t have enough lights.  We lose them, we give them to friends and family when we notice they’re not visible enough, we’re always looking for something to add to our own lighting rig. In our shop we have lights for every budget.IMG_0428We love bike bells and think they belong on every bike.  We have a great selection in stock including beautiful hand-painted bells from Japan and brass bells with a lovely resonant tone.IMG_0429Lastly, we love being a Brooks dealer.  We have both traditional leather saddles and the newer Cambium rubber saddles by Brooks in stock.  Also grips, saddle bags, bar tape and the amazing Pickwick day pack!  Brooks is always in fashion and always a wonderful gift.IMG_0430Happy holidays from your all of us at Everyday Cycles and Motion!