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Bought these gloves the other day when it was 15 degrees Fahrenheit. Brrrr! I needed something lightweight and yet warm for my early morning run. Made from merino wool they provided plenty of warmth with just enough air flow that my hands stayed warm without also getting sweaty. And, as I am sure all you outdoor folks know, sweaty hands during cold weather means chilly clammy discomfort. These gloves are a delight for my hands.

Next up was a couple of bike rides. Notice the Ibex rubber nubs on the palm…great for gripping bike handlebars. I wouldn’t wear these alone on a long ride in sub-30 degree weather but my hands stayed nicely warm on a few rides around town while running errands. If I added a lightweight liner underneath I believe I could ride on much colder days.

I must say I am quite satisfied with these gloves. They are great for multiple purposes. Lightweight and warm, soft feeling against my hands.

And that’s the Knitty Gritty.