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November 23, 2015

Yuba Mundo Finds a New Home

This lovely tangerine-colored Yuba Mundo will be leaving us today.

Although parting is never easy, we take comfort in knowing this bike will be the everyday transport machine for a cool, hardworking single mom and her lovely daughter.

This family is car free and heading into winter, so this is a huge step. Also, it represents  one of the reasons our shop exists.  We believe in car-free or car- lite lifestyles and we believe cargo bikes change lives.  Note the disc brakes for winter stopping power, the Monkey Bars system to keep the little ones safe and the Yuba Baguette Bag for groceries.

Check out Yuba’s website for more on cargo bikes, and please come in and talk with us about how we can get you the perfect bike for your everyday life.